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DIY Pendant Light Fixtures from Upcycled Items

Builder-grade ceiling lights can be boring. These flush-mount light fixtures are chosen because they are usually the cheapest option, and because they are simple to install. As luck would have it, however, they’re also really easy to transform into something unique with just a little imagination.

If you like the thought of saving money on light fixtures by upcycling something you may already have, take a look at these ingenious ideas below for creating overhead lighting.

Globe Pendant Light

Global decor is trending right now, and this pendant light project would make a great addition to a home full of eclectic, worldly finds.

Mason Jar Pendant Light

Mason jars have gone from ubiquitous trend to household mainstay. This super simple tutorial turns your run of the mill glass canning jar into a charming light fixture.

Tin Can Pendant Light

You’d never guess that these light fixtures used to hold canned veggies! A quick coat of paint and a pendant light kit is all you need for this simple DIY.

Drum Pendant Light

Blogger Lindsay Ballard purchased an old tom-tom drum off eBay and turned it into a rockin’ pendant light. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.) Perfect for a musically inclined family, or a teen’s bedroom, this DIY project is a great way to upcycle a drum kit that is otherwise gathering dust.

Colander Pendant Light

This quirky cute pendant would be at home in a country kitchen.

Bowl Pendant Light

From unused bowl to statement light fixture. This blogger found a dramatic black and gold bowl at IKEA, and turned it into a pendant light that looks far more expensive than its $20 price tag.

Woven Rope Pendant Light

This rustic pendant light is actually made from sisal rope woven through a planter basket. It would look right at home in a beach house living room or farmhouse kitchen.

Garden Basket Pendant Light

Who knew there was so much potential hidden in old planter baskets? This DIY leaves the ironwork basket exposed for a old world, Tuscan-inspired look.

Turbine Pendant Light

Here’s one DIY project we never would have come up with. Old turbines from roof vents get a new life as light fixtures for a look that is a little bit industrial and a little bit modern farmhouse style.

Trash Can Pendant Light

While this tutorial uses a wicker trash can for a rustic look, any style of wastepaper basket would work. You’ll never look at the trash the same way again!

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